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Workshop Descriptions

The Science of the Soul Workshop

This is a life changing event!  Lee is an experienced and enthusiastic presenter whose education in research and religion, psychology, and neuroscience brings these three fields together in one unified body of knowledge.  Whether you are a body worker, medical professional, clergy or psychologist, you will learn to examine your life from a new perspective.  Lee has the unique ability to read people’s souls.  He uses this ability to conduct scientific research and to assist people in understanding not only why they find themselves in certain predicaments, but how to take corrective action. 

No matter if you are an MD., neuroscientist, clergy or devout skeptic; this will be the most profound, life changing seminar you will ever attend.  What Lee presents and demonstrates are “universal truths” applicable to all spiritual paths and professions dealing with healing, whether from a physical or psychological perspective.

During this 4 hour presentation, Lee will explain the mechanics of the human soul from a scientific perspective which bridges the gap between science and spirituality/religion.  He proves that spirituality/religion is both logical and scientific and will then demonstrate this with profound examples that leave no doubts, even for the hardened skeptic.  His explanations on how memories and the accompanying emotions are stored, processed and retrieved are revolutionary, yet profoundly simple to understand.  The goal of this presentation is not to sell anyone on a particular spiritual path, but to provide understanding and tools for each individual to use on their own path.

The technique he presents is simple, but unknown to the scientific community.

From a medical perspective:

  • Learn the causes of many medical problems and why they manifest where they do in the body
  • Understand the mind/body connection beyond anything in medical texts or alternative healing texts
  • Understand how the biological clock unfolds, causing progression of life’s developmental stages, including the aging process
  • Understand how the subconscious mind works directly in opposition to the conscious aware mind to cause auto immune disorders and self sabotaging behaviors

From a psychological perspective:

  • Learn exactly how and where memories are stored, retrieved, and processed
  • Understand psychological development on a continuum and how it is the basis for personality and behavioral characteristics in life
  • Understand the rules of relationships, the laws of attraction and why we formulate our complexes

From a religious perspective:

  • Learn why religion(s) teach what they do and the effect of various practices upon the human soul.  This includes prayer, fasting, and forgiveness.
  • Understand the various aspects of faith healing and how it works.
  • Understand many religious worship practices and how they are mis-used to manipulate people into submitting control to a person or organization.
  • Understand the spiritual development cycle of the human soul and why people are attracted toward specific religious groups or beliefs.