Private Sessions

Private sessions include a detailed review of memories stored in your soul and a discussion concerning their impact upon your life.  Lee opens the door to your suppressed emotional child and brings these memories into your conscious awareness.  Uncovering these memories can help you resolve unhealthy patters and remove obstacles to your spiritual growth.  His role is not to be a healer, but to assist you in healing yourself.

Attendance at a workshop presentation is required prior to attending a private appointment.  Please do not schedule an appointment out of curiosity.  Opening Pandora’s Box to the soul does not immediately lead to peace, serenity, and bliss.  If you are on a path and seeking to remove obstacles to your growth, this may be for you.  It is a life changing experience which will assist you in going through the tribulation of chance with less difficulty, but each individual must make the journey themselves.  Lee provides a road map to help you understand why you have chose the path you have walked in your life, be aware of where you are now, and assist in empowering you to choose a healthy plan in the future.
Questions commonly resolved include:

Why am I stuck where I am at now in life?
Why do I keep getting myself into unhealthy relationships?
Why do I have this illness?
Why do I create obstacles in my life?
Why do I have these personality attributes?
Who am I and what is my purpose in life?

Lee does not take private appointments at his residence.  If you have attended a workshop and are interested in scheduling a private appointment, please complete the Mailing List Sign-up form and we will notify you when Lee is in your area.

Thank you!