Our Mission

LEE LAWRENCE has developed techniques that will not only demonstrate beyond any doubt that the human soul or spirit exists, but  will also explain the mechanics of the soul’s structure and its operational functions. This is not about mind control, power of suggestion, or positive thinking. It’s about hard science that can be repeatedly demonstrated in a controlled scientific setting.

Lee explains and demonstrates a technique that reads the components of the human soul, much the way x-rays do to bones.  It bypasses the critical mind and shows the foundational experiences stored in the soul that generate personality patterns and cognitive processing. It opens the door to reveal the emotional subconscious mind. You are guaranteed to be astonished.  His explanations on how and where memories are stored, processed and retrieved are beyond modern science’s understanding.  These theories are proven by his profound demonstrations.

After twenty five years of experimenting and utilizing the process to read people’s souls, many of the answers to life’s most perplexing questions were revealed.

Ever wonder why your life seems to go in circles?  Understand yourself, your relationships, and the obstacles in your life. Learn the secret to “The Secret!”  Learn how prayer “works” and why it sometimes does not “work’!  Some of the topics covered include: “Why forgiveness, love and compassion are so essential”, “What causes illness?” and   “Why do we develop blocks to joy, intimacy, and success in our lives?”  Lee explains and demonstrates the “Laws of Attraction” in ways never seen by before. His goal, to help you understand yourself to a degree you never imagined possible.  This truly is a life changing workshop.

You will also learn how and why many of the alternative healing therapies work. How yoga and yogic breathing techniques affect the physical and emotional body.  Learn how meditation, Reiki, Tai Chi and Qigong work.
While the presentations are not promoting religion, Lee’s demonstrations bridge the gap between science and religion by demonstrating universal truths common to all religions.  They add insight and understanding to what ever spiritual path you have chosen.