(April 2017) Here is a letter I wrote to a scientist whom I met recently that is worth sharing...
For over 25 years in daily meditation I kept getting the message, "It's not time to share what you know yet."Only recently has the message changed and it has become time to share. Not sure why I am sharing it with you ... it just feels right. Can't really explain it.
I returned from my near death experience in 1988 with a very unusual ability. I feel and perceive people's stored memories of their life experiences back to conception as physical objects in a field around their physical body. If you have ever heard of a person say "My life flashed before my eyes...?" This is what happens when a person's conscious awareness expands beyond the physical body in reverse sequence through the stored memories. When I walk up to a person I perceive as physical objects these same stored memories in a field approximately thirty feet in diameter around people. (Fifteen feet out from the physical body in all directions)
Although one of my degrees is in psychology, I never considered it a science due to the biased variable of perception. Until, I discovered that a person could be blind folded and wearing ear plugs when I touched a stored memory in their field up to fifteen feet from their physical body and it knocked them off their feet even though I was bypassing all critical senses and therefor the critical mind's perception influence. It is a direct stimulus/response procedure that is repeatable with the exact same response every time. (Unless you purposely alter the field by healing an unhealthy perceptual programming event memory) Using this technique I have mapped the attributes of the human soul including location of memory storage and the retrieval processes. Applying the process creates a road map or timeline of psychological and personality development for a person's entire lifetime. For example, it's very easy to determine the degree of attachment/bonding of a child and mother when the child was in the mother's womb, even though that child is now an older adult, without the subject saying one word. This process does in a few minutes what depth psychology and psychotherapy usually takes years to resolve (and often can not resolve), by identifying the specific perceptual programming event that repeats itself throughout a person's life as behavioral patterns and then brings it to resolution through transformation of the stored memory.
Applying the process also explains gender identity, sexual attraction in relationships regardless of gender, learning disabilities, the epigenetic impact of consciousness flow patterns on immune system suppression and predisposition to illnesses such as cancer, MS...,behavior patterns, learning disabilities in children, autism, PTSD, causes of depression..... The list is endless as the human soul is as complex as the physical body which it creates.
When I touch an abandonment memory, the person physically falls forward. A rejection memory pushes them backward. An internalized guilt memory causes them to fall to their left and an anger or externalized memory results in a fall to their right. A memory where they fell in love and they come forward as though they have a rope tied to them. A relationship breakup knocks them backward. Most physical body ailments are merely the bodies defense systems trying to block the retrieval of an uncomfortable physical or emotional memory.
The process also explains and demonstrates why all of the world's religions teach what they do. Religion(s) are merely theories and philosophies as to the anatomy and physiology of the human soul and how it interacts with its external environment. It's like the five blind men each holding a different part of the elephant for the first time and arguing with each other as to who is correct in their description of an elephant. When they finally perceive the entire elephant they realize that they are all correct. The same is true with understanding the human soul... all religions are correct. I merely guide a person to a greater understanding where the differences dissolve. (I am Christian, but also Hindu, Buddhist.....)
Much of my time in the last twenty years has been spent understanding the neuroscience of this process. I'll film some demonstrations and share them with you in the near future. When I do workshop/presentations, the demonstrations with volunteers from the attending group validate the theories presented.
Hope I peaked your interest.