Science of the Soul

Lee Lawrence

Lee Lawrence is an internationally known medical/psychological intuitive.  His scientific research into the existence of the human soul and how it works takes science beyond its current limits.

For many years Lee was a successful Certified Public Accountant, having worked for an international CPA firm, prior to establishing his own regional firm.  In addition, he taught tax law for Penn State and several other Universities. However, the stress of the profession took its toll.
In 1992, nearing the point of burnout during a hectic tax season, Lee had a profound spiritual experience that left him with unusual psychic and paranormal abilities.  Being a left brained bean counter, his logical mind could not comprehend what he was experiencing and thus began his quest to understand the hard science explaining his experiences.  He returned to the University, this time as a student and completed a degree in psychology and continued his studies in cognitive neuroscience, anatomy & physiology and studied various religions in depth until he could logically and scientifically understand what he was experiencing; a journey that provided him with an understanding of science beyond the current limits.

Lee is an experienced and enthusiastic presenter whose education and research in religion, psychology, and neuroscience brings these three fields together in one unified body of knowledge.  Many describe Lee as a mystic, a soul reader or a miracle worker.  He insists, that is not the case, but that we are all equal and anyone can do the things he does. According to Lee, miracles are merely science that most do not understand yet.  His goal is to teach people the science through his workshops and presentations in order that all persons can grow to find and experience the communion with God that brings fulfillment to life. He takes on the conventional theories of research scientists in neuroscience and demonstrates with profound proof why his explanations hold scientific merit.  Understanding what he teaches will lead to a profound paradigm shift in the unification of scientific, psychological and religious theory. His understanding of the interaction between the human soul or spirit and the physical body opens new doors for the future of both psychological and physical medical diagnosis and treatment.